How to create a PDF that's ready for the web

This tutorial explains how to convert your documents into web-optimized PDFs using Acrobat Pro.

1. Open your PDF with Acrobat. If you still need to convert to PDF, there are many options you can choose from, ranging from free online services with less options to PDF printing in your basic printer menu or directly in the more advanced creation softwares such as InDesign.

2. Open the PDF optimizer box by choosing File > Save As > Optimized PDF.

3. For use with digital publishing software such as eMagStudio, you can use the default settings. We recommend optimizing your PDF to 150 dpi for the best results.

4. Click ok to view the save box. If you want to override the existing PDF file with your web-optimized version, then simply click save. Otherwise, you can choose a new name or location.

Take a look at this tutorial video to see the creation process in action:

*When working with older versions of Acrobat, you will find the optimize option via the Advanced drop down menu.