Digital Advertising - Tips for making your online edition profitable

Many publishers are struggling with the question of how to make an online edition profitable. On average, for every $7 of print advertising that is lost, only $1 is gained in digital revenue. How can you manage to overcome this trend? Here are some ideas of ways to update your advertising to get you thinking in the right direction:

1) Print ads are static, digital is interactive. There are so many ways that advertisers can update their ads from the static calls to action of print. Add links to product pages, include flash animations, videos, forms and more. This leaves it open for you to create a new pricing scheme to accommodate the added interactivity.

2) Whereas print had the sheer number of subscribers, digital can provide advertisers with detailed analytics on the demographics and behaviors of the actual readers. How many people are viewing the publication or the page their advertisement is on? Where are the readers from? How many are interacting with the advertisement? This information can lead to much more profitable placement and returns for you and your advertisers, and can give you a solid base on which to maintain repeat business and attract new advertisers.

3) Ads aren't just on-page anymore. You have multiple layers to work with- including a background. This could be great for larger advertising opportunities or to have a sponsor for the edition. Their product offering will be visible for the entire time the reader is viewing the publication. Add a call to action as a pop up event at a strategic point in the publication to make an even bigger impact.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Check out this example, which has many great examples of interactive advertising.

Source: "Mainstream Media Meltdown" Salon, March 2013