How to put your PDF on Facebook

You have your marketing content, and you know that you want to share it with your Facebook audience. But what options do you have to get it on there effectively? Here is a quick overview of the two most-common methods of putting a PDF on your Facebook page.

A link
You can easily post a link to your company’s wall by simply pasting the link into the post box. The resulting attachment allows you the flexibility to change the title and description to better suit your SEO initiatives. This is a good option if you want your publication to show up on your followers’ walls, but also has the drawback of an external link that the reader will have to click. But really, how many readers want a tiny flipping version of an eMag that they can’t read on their wall anyways?

An App
To put your publication on Facebook in it’s full, flipping and rich media-enhanced version, you will need a dedicated Facebook App created for you. With this method, your publication will be embedded in a tab on your company’s page, and will be able to be viewed, liked and shared directly on Facebook. Check out a Facebook App for BMWCar magazine here.

Either method you choose, sharing your publications on Facebook creates opportunities for interaction, promotes a wider readership, and ultimately helps you to grow your brand socially. How do you share your publications on Facebook?