Digital Publishing Software Release - eMagStudio 3

A lot has happened in the digital publishing industry, and especially at eMagCreator, in our 9 month blog hiatus. But don’t worry, over the next several weeks we’ll get you all up to date!

First we would like to introduce you to our most recent release of our digital publishing platform - eMagStudio 3. This version includes several frequently-requested features- Drag & Publish, an easy-to-use embed kit, password protection, and mobile audio.

Drag and Publish, previously released in a limited beta version, has become an integrated part of the software, allowing you to set up a desktop dropbox to simply drag a PDF into for simple digital publishing. The dropbox will follow your predefined template and publishing preferences to publish automatically without any further work from you.

eMagStudio 3 has also simplified the embedding of eMags with a new embed kit. Easily embed your eMags on your website or Facebook for high visibility.

Password Protection has long been a customer request. Without the need for additional paywalls, you can limit access to your online publications to those who have received a unique code from you.

As the digital publishing industry continues to shift focus to the mobile reader, eMagCreator too continues to develop the HTML5 feature set. With eMagStudio 3, audio is now HTML5 compatible.

And as always, many smaller fixes and upgrades have been implemented to support the usability of the interactive features that eMagStudio has become known for.

If you are new to eMagStudio or digital publishing in general, you can read a lot more about the eMagStudio software on our website. You can also download a free trial to test all of the great features.