The Top 3 Reasons to Brand Your Company's Online Content

Let’s be honest - we all have a lot of content that we need to have available online, and creating a branded experience for that content can be tedious and time consuming. But here are 3 reasons you should start branding all of your content - PDFs in particular.

1. Creates Stronger Brand Awareness

If your brand is up front and center in everything you present online, then those consuming your content are more likely to have your brand top-of-mind when it matters. A PDF could be chock full of your branding, but if it is presented on a plain gray background, you are losing out on valuable branding real estate! A PDF put online in a page flip or slide format allows you to add your branding, including logos, backgrounds, links, social media and more for a constant - and consistent - presentation of your brand. And consistency brings us to the next point.

2. Unifies Your Online Presence

The more concise and consistent your message and visual brand, the stronger you become among your competitors. Not only is a strong, unified brand harder to copy, but it also increases your recognizability and, more importantly, your respectability. And this leads to our final point.

3. Creates Trust and Authenticity

Perceived credibility is a powerful factor that could make or break a business - especially among startups and small businesses. If it looks like you have put time and effort into presenting visually appealing content online, it will earn you credibility in the eyes of the consumer. The PDF provides the core content - whether it’s a catalog, brochure, newsletter or something else - but the extra branding adds trust and authenticity to your content. Branded, interactive content creates a positive reference to your brand, which can translate to more shares, referrals and sales.

The eMagStudio digital publishing software makes it quick and easy to present all of your PDF content in a branded, visually interesting, and interactive way. Every eMagStudio Lifetime and Enterprise license comes with a branded custom template that you can use to easily transform any PDF by dragging and dropping into your own publishing drop box. You can learn more and download a free trial at

Image taken from a custom branded template created for Sonic for use with eMagStudio.