How to stand out from the crowd on social media using digital brochures and catalogs

We live in a world where content - be it world news, industry updates or even sales material - is pushed to, rather than found by, the consumer. This means that every piece of content you want to be seen must stand out amongst the constant stream of news and sales pitches being thrown at consumers every minute. Standing out doesn't have to be time consuming. In just a few minutes, you can transform your PDF brochures and catalogs into something much more appealing - a customized, linked and interactive digital version that automatically optimizes for web and mobile. Follow the steps be

Oh, The Places Your eMags Can Go!

There is so much forgotten or just simply unknown potential that will allow you to create pure gold with digital publishing software. Depending on your needs, eMags can be anywhere from simple page flipping brochures to engaging magazines with custom Flash elements. What better way to show all of the great features you have right at your fingertips with eMagStudio then to put them all into one super-interactive eMag masterpiece. Get inspired. Learn new functionality. Have fun. And of course, don't forget to try it for yourself! Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know what fe

How to put your PDF on Facebook

You have your marketing content, and you know that you want to share it with your Facebook audience. But what options do you have to get it on there effectively? Here is a quick overview of the two most-common methods of putting a PDF on your Facebook page. A link You can easily post a link to your company’s wall by simply pasting the link into the post box. The resulting attachment allows you the flexibility to change the title and description to better suit your SEO initiatives. This is a good option if you want your publication to show up on your followers’ walls, but also has the

From PDF to App in 4 Simple Steps

So you have PDFs that you want in an App. Here is the simple 4-step process to get them there! 1. Talk to an eMagStudio sales consultant about creating your customized App. The App creation process can take 40 days or longer, due to the approval waiting times with Apple and Google, so make sure to plan ahead! Your sales consultant will give you all the information you need to submit the App creation materials quickly and successfully. 2. While you wait for your App to be created, make sure your pdf is web optimized. You can refer to this tutorial to find out how: How to create a PDF tha

Competition - Show us your best!

It’s your turn to show off! We’re always talking about how much you can do with digital publishing software. It’s so much more than a pdf to page flip solution, and we want to see how far you can take it! Send us a link to your best example of a digital book, magazine or catalog created with eMagStudio and you could win big. What can you win? An eMagStudio License - whether it’s your first license or an additional license Need some ideas of what to include? - Add a background, custom navigational buttons or a logo to brand the look and feel. How? - Include videos, links, aud