HTML5 gains ground among ebook publishers

The cross-platform flexibility of HTML5 is gaining ground among ebook publishers - nearly 28% plan to publish books in HTML5 this year according to new research by Data Conversion Laboratory. Source: 2014 Digital Publishing Survey - Data Conversion Laboratory Inc. Image source: azrasta via Flickr CC License

Digital Publishing Software Release - eMagStudio 3

A lot has happened in the digital publishing industry, and especially at eMagCreator, in our 9 month blog hiatus. But don’t worry, over the next several weeks we’ll get you all up to date! First we would like to introduce you to our most recent release of our digital publishing platform - eMagStudio 3. This version includes several frequently-requested features- Drag & Publish, an easy-to-use embed kit, password protection, and mobile audio. Drag and Publish, previously released in a limited beta version, has become an integrated part of the software, allowing you to set up a desk

The Multi Screen Consumer

Click the image to view the Prezi. For the best experience, use full screen. Zoom to view larger. Your readers move from screen to screen - so should your publications! 90% of media interaction is now screen-based, and that accounts for 4.4 leisure hours per day. With so much time spent consuming media, it is important to understand consumption patterns and learn to implement a multi-screen approach to your publishing projects. For readers, when choosing a device to interact with, context is key. Laptops and PCs are generally used to find information and keep up to date. They are a t

Internet adoption and digital publishing in Mexico

As more and more people are adopting a digital approach to everything from reading to sales, some big markets are falling behind, and Mexico is one of them. With a population of 115 million, it is the single largest Spanish-speaking market. Add to that the influence from the US pushing them forward in many respects and it’s hard to see how such a large market could not have the same adoption of digital publishing as the rest of the developed world. So why is this trend so persistent? Digital publishers are unwilling to invest in a market with low internet penetration. The internet adopti

The Changing Revenue Profile of Newspapers in America

Tried and true newspaper revenue models are seeing a shift as more readers make the switch to digital editions. New revenue sources, such as mobile advertising, are beginning to make a major impact. While reimagined subscription models, which include digital, are creating ever-important circulation increases. Take a look the revenue profile of newspaper publishers in the United States in 2012: Source: The American Newspaper Media Industry Revenue Profile 2012 - Newspaper Association of America, April 2013