The Changing Revenue Profile of Newspapers in America

Tried and true newspaper revenue models are seeing a shift as more readers make the switch to digital editions. New revenue sources, such as mobile advertising, are beginning to make a major impact. While reimagined subscription models, which include digital, are creating ever-important circulation increases. Take a look the revenue profile of newspaper publishers in the United States in 2012: Source: The American Newspaper Media Industry Revenue Profile 2012 - Newspaper Association of America, April 2013

Youth eReading Trends

Scholastic's latest edition of the "Kids & Family Reading Report" shows just how fast the eReading trend among digital natives has grown. Since the 2010 study, the number of 6-17 year old Americans who have read an eBook has doubled. Combine this with significant increases in mobile technology usage in the age group, and the perfect combination for eReading growth and sustainability emerges. So, as more kids gain access to eBooks, what impact can the industry expect- Will eBooks kill off print editions of youth titles? Will kids read for enjoyment more? Source: "Kids & Family Readi

Engagement and advertising in digital magazines

The primary value in digital magazines is the engagement factor. Readers are highly engaged with magazine content- particularly advertisements- for an average of 41 minutes per issue. That gives 41 minutes to create an impact and prompt action with content and ads. Whether you are the editor or an advertiser, digital magazines are useful tools to gain brand recognition and increase the likelihood of action. Tablet owners are influencers and early adopters. They talk to friends on- and offline about what they find interesting, and buy new products when they are released. Match their demogr

Newspaper and Magazine Publisher Preferences 2012

Digital publishing is considerably different depending on the type of content being produced. Books need different channels of distribution, publication formats and options than, say, marketing materials. Newspaper and magazine publishers also have unique preferences and needs when it comes to taking the plunge into digital editions. This infographic shows the epublishing preferences of newspaper and magazine publishers, taken from the survey conducted by Aptara and Publishers Weekly in 2012. Note: The survey universally used the term “ebook” to refer to digitally-produced readin

The State of the Mobile Web 2012

There is no doubt that mobile internet is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. Mobile web solutions are on the rise in all reaches of the world. Even more important for businesses is the fact that mobile-only internet users are also on the rise. With these shifts, it is becoming ever more important to ensure that content is available across all platforms in order to reach your entire target group. Here is a look at the current state of the mobile web:   Sources: International Data Corporation (August 2012). International Telecommunications Union (November 2011), Wi