The Top 3 Reasons to Brand Your Company's Online Content

Let’s be honest - we all have a lot of content that we need to have available online, and creating a branded experience for that content can be tedious and time consuming. But here are 3 reasons you should start branding all of your content - PDFs in particular. 1. Creates Stronger Brand Awareness If your brand is up front and center in everything you present online, then those consuming your content are more likely to have your brand top-of-mind when it matters. A PDF could be chock full of your branding, but if it is presented on a plain gray background, you are losing out on valuable

Does your business need an App?

App. It may well be the buzzword of the decade. But when it comes down to it, how many people really know what an App is, and even more, why they need one? To determine if your business needs a mobile App, ask yourself these questions: 1. Do you need your content/service to be available offline on mobile devices? 2. Do you need speed and reliability regardless of location? 3. Do you have a specific country or language market you are looking to target? 4. Do you want to charge? 5. Do you need another channel to distribute your message? If your answer to any of those questions was y

Don't make these mistakes- bad uses of digital publishing

Nearly every type of content can benefit from digitization and interactive elements. From magazines to annual reports, more and more content is being put online as multimedia epublications. The question now is: could there be some content that is better as a simple pdf to download, or even more, as just a print version? Here are a few that we at eMagCreator came up with: Coloring books Unless you want kids taking markers and crayons to iPads (and think what a shame that would be), coloring books may be one type of content that is better left to print and print alone. The draw of a digital

3 Channels to Give Readers Mobile Access to Digital Publications

The number of mobile web users is increasing, and with that change, a shift in how content is delivered to the reader is needed. Here are just 3 ways to get your eMags to the mobile generation: 1) Mobile browser Just like a desktop web browser, your readers access the content via a unique URL. You can share the url in newsletters, on your website, or wherever else your readers interact with your brand. Mobile browsers maximize the number of mobile readers who can access your content, as all platforms are supported. This is also a very easy solution to implement, as digital publishing soft

Understanding Digital Publishing Terminology

As a rapidly-changing and developing industry, digital publishing has spawned a host of new terminology which is used interchangeably, and has therefore become confusing to many. Below is a short guide to some of the basics. Digital Publishing- Traditionally, the industry which published digital versions of reading materials with the page flip animation, and usually including rich media to some extent. The term has now developed into a broad term for any format of reading material that has been digitized, but still has connotations of some additional added interactivity. eBook- The gener