How to stand out from the crowd on social media using digital brochures and catalogs

We live in a world where content - be it world news, industry updates or even sales material - is pushed to, rather than found by, the consumer. This means that every piece of content you want to be seen must stand out amongst the constant stream of news and sales pitches being thrown at consumers every minute. Standing out doesn't have to be time consuming. In just a few minutes, you can transform your PDF brochures and catalogs into something much more appealing - a customized, linked and interactive digital version that automatically optimizes for web and mobile. Follow the steps be

The Top 3 Reasons to Brand Your Company's Online Content

Let’s be honest - we all have a lot of content that we need to have available online, and creating a branded experience for that content can be tedious and time consuming. But here are 3 reasons you should start branding all of your content - PDFs in particular. 1. Creates Stronger Brand Awareness If your brand is up front and center in everything you present online, then those consuming your content are more likely to have your brand top-of-mind when it matters. A PDF could be chock full of your branding, but if it is presented on a plain gray background, you are losing out on valuable

Oh, The Places Your eMags Can Go!

There is so much forgotten or just simply unknown potential that will allow you to create pure gold with digital publishing software. Depending on your needs, eMags can be anywhere from simple page flipping brochures to engaging magazines with custom Flash elements. What better way to show all of the great features you have right at your fingertips with eMagStudio then to put them all into one super-interactive eMag masterpiece. Get inspired. Learn new functionality. Have fun. And of course, don't forget to try it for yourself! Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know what fe

Get inspired with Bruun og Stengade

An exclusive product calls for a unique marketing angle- and Bruun og Stengade manage to find a very different and intriguing layout for their Summer 2014 Collection digital lookbook. Upon opening the eCatalog, you are presented with a simple, book-inspired table of contents linking to each section, and a video from the collection’s photoshoot. The remainder of the catalog features just one item per page in vivid color, and viewed on a white background that makes the item the center of attention. Click the image below to view the eCatalog There are many different ways you can use digi

How to put your PDF on Facebook

You have your marketing content, and you know that you want to share it with your Facebook audience. But what options do you have to get it on there effectively? Here is a quick overview of the two most-common methods of putting a PDF on your Facebook page. A link You can easily post a link to your company’s wall by simply pasting the link into the post box. The resulting attachment allows you the flexibility to change the title and description to better suit your SEO initiatives. This is a good option if you want your publication to show up on your followers’ walls, but also has the