HTML5 gains ground among ebook publishers

The cross-platform flexibility of HTML5 is gaining ground among ebook publishers - nearly 28% plan to publish books in HTML5 this year according to new research by Data Conversion Laboratory. Source: 2014 Digital Publishing Survey - Data Conversion Laboratory Inc. Image source: azrasta via Flickr CC License

The Multi Screen Consumer

Click the image to view the Prezi. For the best experience, use full screen. Zoom to view larger. Your readers move from screen to screen - so should your publications! 90% of media interaction is now screen-based, and that accounts for 4.4 leisure hours per day. With so much time spent consuming media, it is important to understand consumption patterns and learn to implement a multi-screen approach to your publishing projects. For readers, when choosing a device to interact with, context is key. Laptops and PCs are generally used to find information and keep up to date. They are a t

Mobile Activations in Print Media - Integration Tools or Interruptions?

For mobile readers, interaction is natural and expected with any content they consume. But print readers don’t necessarily share this mentality. Maybe the idea of getting a print reader to continue their experience on mobile is stretching too far. Or maybe the right trigger has yet to be developed. QR codes are an eyesore, watermarked images are overlooked, and other types of activations are little-known or platform-specific. MediaPost’s recent article on mobile activations in print mentions that there were 8448 mobile activations in print magazines last year. The majority of these were

From PDF to App in 4 Simple Steps

So you have PDFs that you want in an App. Here is the simple 4-step process to get them there! 1. Talk to an eMagStudio sales consultant about creating your customized App. The App creation process can take 40 days or longer, due to the approval waiting times with Apple and Google, so make sure to plan ahead! Your sales consultant will give you all the information you need to submit the App creation materials quickly and successfully. 2. While you wait for your App to be created, make sure your pdf is web optimized. You can refer to this tutorial to find out how: How to create a PDF tha

China's Looming Digital Publishing Explosion

The Chinese market is predicted to rise to an estimated 40 to 50 million tablets by the end of 2013. Add this to the 92 million plus smartphone users that were added in the past year alone, and China is a huge market for publishers looking to capitalize on a mobile reader base. In terms of total volume, their digital publishing market is already in second place. The explosive growth in reading-capable devices, as well as in publishing profits has analysts predicting that 2013 will be even more explosive. Chinese publishers are already looking for ways to capture market share early on in a